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Photos and article by Martha McGill


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Once given away as gifts or “favors” to guests at weddings or other celebrations, Heisey’s favor vases are eagerly sought after by collectors today. They were made in six colors – Crystal, Flamingo, Moongleam, Sahara, Cobalt, and Tangerine – and six shapes. According to the company’s records, all six shapes were made in all six colors, for a total of 36 different vases. Click here for a very informative article on Heisey’s favor vases, in the July 2001 issue of the Heisey News, pp. 12-13.

Over the years, collectors have found 35 favor vases. The 36th favor vase – shape number 4228 in Tangerine – remained elusive, however, leaving collectors to wonder if it would ever be found, or if it even existed. That question has now been answered, with the recent discovery of the long-sought favor vase in California. It now resides in the collection of a fortunate HCC member. Now that one has been found, there must be others, so keep looking, folks!

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